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Lock files of any types like images, music, movies, executable files, etc. on your computer to protect your sensitive data.


Free File Lock is a safe file encrypter program that can protect your important or sensitive files with uncrackable encryption algorithms. You can lock your files like images, music, movies as well as executable files & compressed files. It makes sure that no one can mess with your files without your authorization. Variety of cipher-methods make the encryption far more secure that nobody can decrypt it without the original password.

Free File Lock can lock any file types that you don't want others to open. The encryption is like 1-2-3: load the file you want to lock, choose the encryption method and provide a password. Meantime, the decryption is easy as well. All you need is integrated in a sleek interface. Free File Lock does not keep online or offline records to make your files absolutely safe - you are the only one that knows the passwords!

Lock any Files

Lock any Files

Free File Lock is a window security program which you can use to lock any file types such as document, photo, video, music, EXE, Zip, PDF and others to make them inaccessible to both local and remote users. Just use your password to keep your personal files locked.

How to Lock Files?

Protect Privacy

Protect Privacy

Want to protect your business documents, movies, music, photos, and other personal files against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc.? Free File Lock is right on target. It is a file password protection tool which protects any personal or sensitive information from identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion.

Secure Encryption Algorithms

Secure Encryption Algorithms

Free File Lock is equipped with secure cryptographic algorithms including cipher and hash. You can choose Rijndael, Blowfish, DES, 3DES, etc. from cliper or Haval, MD5, SHA1, Tiger, etc. from hash to protect all your valuable data and files from being unlocked by unauthorized users, satisfying the most ardent of cryptographers.

Decrypt File

Decrypt File

The file lock also features with decryption function which helps decrypt your previous locked files. It brings you convenience to remove restrictions for anyone to access and share your files for editing, printing, listening, watching, etc.

How to Unlock Files?

Why should I choose Free File Lock

DotEasy & Free File Lock

Free File Lock is a lightweight and easy to use file encryptor tool which makes it ideal for complete computer novice. By following the brief instructions on the uncluttered interface you can lock any files in 3 steps. Most importantly, it is a totally freeware that means you can use & download it without spending a penny or register.

DotProtect Your File When PC is Lost

By locking important files on your PC, Free File Lock will protect them. And nobody will be able to access the contents of files you have protected, in case if your laptop/notebook gets stolen or lost.

DotKeep Your Data Safe When Windows Crashes

It is so awful that lost your confidential data due to window's crash. Fortunately, Free File Lock comes in hand. It keeps your data safe with password protection so that you will not lose any of your data contained in locked files, if your Windows crashes.

DotProtect Important Info from Kids

Are you crazy that your important files on your PC are opened, modified or made in a mess by kids? With this free file encryptor, you will get out of such troubles as it helps lock your important bank, programming or office applications so that the kids can't access.

DotSecurity from Malicious Programs

Free File Lock gives you the sufficient protection for your files from various malicious programs such as viruses, worms, and Trojans by locking them.

What are the system requirements?



Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor

At least 256 MB RAM

50 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit color

Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8


Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor

512 MB RAM

Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Free File Lock


Free File Lock
Free File Lock

Editor's Review

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick
Recommended freeware to every user. Comprehensive data security freeware which manages to keep your sensitive files from prying eyes, suitable for files of any types like text, images, audio, video, EXE files, etc.

Download 3000 - 5 Stars
The free file lock software stood out during our test and squeezed into the "Star Software" queue. And we'd like to give it our full-star rate and recommend it to anyone who hasn't known it.


Lock Files

Unlock Files

Did you know?
Free File Lock helps lock any files from your computer to protect your privacy. 100% Freeware.

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